Your Council

There are seven members of the Council who are elected for four years.  The current Council was elected in 2015.  You can see councillors’ posts and responsibilities here.

Cllr Stephen Blight - Council Chair

Stephen lives at Bury Green.  More

Cllr Mary Wilkinson - Deputy Council Chair

Mary lives at Westland Green.

Cllr Michael Attwell

Freddie Arkell

Carole Page - Parish Clerk

Carole can be contacted: clerklittlehadham@gmail.com

Michael lives at Green Street. More

Cllr Tony Hoodless

Tony lives at Cradle End. More

Cllr Richard Mardell

Richard lives at the Ash. More

Cllr Carolyn Westlake

Carolyn lives at the Ford. More

Picture of Cllr Carolyn Westlake

Freddie lives at the Ash More