Parish History

Parish War Memorials

There are a number of memorials in the parish remembering those who died in the two World Wars.

Mike Smith has been carrying out some research into the lives of some of those named.

There are several War Memorials in Little Hadham Parish. They include

At The Ford:

  1. A Stone Cross erected at the foot of Ford Hill inscribed with the names of men from the parish who died in active service (seventeen from WW1 and four from WW2).
  2. In the Congregational Church yard in Chapel Lane, the grave of Philip Harvey, the only combatant to be returned to the Parish for burial, after dying in a VAD hospital in Northampton from pneumonia.

At the Parish Church of Saint Cecilia

  1. A Roll of Honour on a plaque listing the names from both Wars. The same as those on the memorial at Ford Hill, but with the addition of Walter Drayton who died in 1927 from wounds received in WW1.
  2. A recently discovered hand written WW1 Roll of Honour of unknown provenance, now displayed inside the church.
  3. A Bible on Lectern in memory of Pilot Officer John Garrould killed over Germany in 1941, and  Lieutenant James Garrould in killed Burma 1946.
  4. An individual memorial erected in the church yard inscribed to the memory of William Whiting 29th Battalion Canadian Forces 19th April 1916.

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