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Cllr Tony Hoodless

I have lived in the Little Hadham parish in the hamlet of Cradle End since 2013 when I moved here from East London with my wife and two teenage daughters.

I grew up in Cumbria and left to further my education with a degree in Leeds before moving to London to work in the Construction Industry. I have since established my own property company based in Stratford, East London.

My family enjoy the open countryside and we have several animals to help keep us active, my eldest daughter has a keen interest in horses so uses the bridleways and open access that we are privileged to have in the locality.

I joined the Parish Council in 2015, when they required new members, I wanted to help protect and enhance our area. In my role as Councillor I have been asked to look after areas including environmental affairs and security and I also support fellows Councillors with planning matters.

I feel lucky to live in such a lovely location with easy access to London. I think it is important to preserve villages such as ours for the benefit of all and I am very pleased to be contributing to this community.