Parish History

Other memorials to those who fought in the Great War

In the Congregational Church Yard.

A Red Granite Cross inscribed "itlmo Rifleman Philip George (84360), son of H and AE Harvey of Clinton Hall, who fell asleep at the VAD Hospital in Northampton, October 24th 1918, aged 18".

At St Cecilia Church.

  1. Bible on lectern.-In proud memory of John Aubrey Trevor Garrould, Pilot Officer, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, youngest son of the late Arthur and Jessie Garrould, who was killed over Germany on the night of May 17th 1941 aged 19. Also of his nephew James Garrould, Lieutenant 17th Gurkha Rifles, eldest son of Ivor and Yola Garrould, killed in action in Burma 3rd December 1946 aged 20. This bible was presented by the members of the Garrould Family, for many years resident in this parish.
  2. In the churchyard, a stone cross, memorial only. Two crossed rifles, “Ielmo our dear boy, William Alfred Whiting of 29th Battalion Canadian Forces, who fell asleep in the Great War 19th April 1916, aged 20”.
  3. A Hand Written Roll of Honour. It's exact date, origin, and authorship is currently unknown. (Those who died are given in bold type)

Thomas Adams

Arthur Baker   MM

William Bayford

James Cranmer

Edward Gooch

Arthur Harris

Howard Harris

Cyril Hutchins

Spencer Kent

Henry Morrison

Vincent Perry

Henry Pryor

William Reed

George Smith

William Swallow

Alfred Tester

Charles Warner

Frank Williams

Michael Knight

Walter Bayford

Frederick J Chapman

George Baker

Lionel Poole

Daniel Harris

Frank Kent

Thomas Harris

Alfred Holland

Edward Arnold

Frederick Bayford

Ernest Brown

George Gillett

Howard Harrington

Fred Harris

Alfred Harris

Fred Kent

Arthur Knight

Frank Oakley

Alfred Poole

 Charles Reckitt

Arthur Smith

Fred Swallow

Henry Symons

Frederick Trill

George White

George Williams

Alfred Poole

 Charles Reckitt

Arthur Smith

Fred Swallow

Henry Symons

Frederick Trill

George White

George Williams

Frank Gillett

William Smith

William Cane

G H Fox

Arthur Cranmer

Thomas Smith

Charles Brown

Thomas Brown

William A Whiting

Alfred Parker

William HB Baker

Albert E Perry

Alfred Warner

Samuel Drayton

Ernest Drayton

Percy Fox

Cecil Gregory

Leonard Bayford

William Brown

William White

John Gillett

Fred Parker

George Williams

Alfred Warwick

James Heath

Fred Fox

Segar Gillett

Reginald Leach

George Gillett

Herbert Smith

Isaac Fox

Alison Cranmer

Albert Milner

Walter H Smith

Frederick Drayton

Albert William White

Philip Harvey

Victor Gooch

Charles Gillett

T C Palmer

Jack Cooper

John Swallow

George Swallow

Charles Gooch

Solomon Smith

Frank Drayton

William Drayton

Walter Drayton

Jim Fox

David Woodhouse

Leonard Brown

William Kent

Percy Reed

Fred Smith

George Smith

George Fox

George James Parker

Walter Cain

Tom Hummerstone

Arthur Budd

Bertie Morrison

Henry Charles Pryor

Jack Watts

Gerald Scott

William Hale

Frederick Page

Tom Watts

Arthur Harris

Richard Langton

Arthur Cane

J C Langton

Joseph Williams

Ernest William Hammond

Arthur James Williams

George Smith

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