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Westland Green

Westland Green is the most densely wooded hamlet in Little Hadham. It is difficult to believe there are some 45 houses in this part of the village as so many are concealed by trees. Geographically, Westland Green is closer to Wellpond Green, part of Standon Parish, than to the rest of Little Hadham. Maybe it's the light shimmering through the trees or the chance to see red deer, muntjac deer, pheasants, foxes and other wildlife that gives Westland Green's sylvan setting a special appeal. Westland Green is surrounded by farmland, large swathes of which were landscaped to create the Ash Valley golf course.

Bury Green

Ford Hill climbs steeply past footpaths and byways leading to wooded walks and open countryside, including Hoecroft Lane that connects to Bury Green. The road twists and turns before merging with Acremore Street and eventually reaches Bury Green.

Bury Green is situated around a typical Hertfordshire village green, bounded by a former farmhouse and cottages, several with thatched roofs. Its thatched pub, the Cock Inn, owned by McMullens, was destroyed by fire in November, 1972.

Bury Green has retained its rural character and is popular with horse riders. Its equestrian links are strengthened by being home to the Silver Leys polo club, the oldest in Britain. Polo ponies can be seen being exercised in fields and on roads around Bury Green. The club holds regular polo matches in which players from the UK and from other countries, including Argentina, take part.

Bury Green's sporting links continue by providing the home of Little Hadham Cricket Club where the sound of leather on willow has been heard for over 50 years. Just off Millfield Lane lies The Grove Millennium Wood, 1.6 hectares of natural woodland planted with 2,000 trees to mark the year 2000. The wood is one of Little Hadham's best-kept secrets and efforts are being made through Parish Plan activity to encourage more people to visit this wooded oasis with its pond and abundant wildlife.

For many years, Bury Green was home to an animal breeding and testing centre, first owned by Alien & Hanbury and later by Glaxo Wellcome. Under new ownership, the site is now being redeveloped with new houses and commercial premises.

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