Anyone can report a pothole, blocked drain, highways blockage to Hertfordshire Highways on
0300 123 4040 or to their website. You can click on an interactive map of the location of the problem then write a written description, and also upload a photo of the issue.  There is also a guide on the website on how to use the interactive map fault reporting.

Highways will then email to you a reference number which you can use to follow the progress of the repair.  They say urgent repairs should be done within 24 hrs, permanent pothole repairs within 20 days, and non urgent work will go on their rolling 18 month repair programme.

 When you report any incident to highways please email the reference number to the Parish Clerk so the Council can help monitor the progress and take it further with the County Councillor if required.


The Highways website will also provide details of any planned road works and diversion routes affecting your area or the route you take to work.

Problems with roads

If you find and any problems with parish footpaths, byroads or bridleways, you can report them to the local HCC Countryside Access Officer Mr Nicholas Maddex:

Tel. 01992 555243.

Mr Maddex will want to know the location of the problem including the path number.
You can find the path number here. You will need to zoom in a to see the numbers. The paths in each parish are numbered separately so check which parish a path is in.

Parish flooding

The Ashe, The Ford and Green Street have been subject to flooding on a number of occasions - either by the River Ash breaching its banks, runoff from fields of overflowing ditches.

Cllr Graham Pearson has prepared an information sheet which gives some information and guidance.

Footpaths, byways and bridleways

A120 Bypass

Herts County Council is planning to build a bypass around the Ashe so that through traffic can miss the narrow bridge over the River Ash and the traffic lights that allow only one line of traffic to pass at a time.

The bypass is planned to be opened in 2019.  At present HCC is investigating reports that bats might be affected before submitting a planning application to East Herts Council.

In January 2016 the Council held a meeting attended by over 70 residents. The Council approved a response to the County Council’s plans.

HCC’s latest newsletter on the bypass

Flooding of the road near the Village Hall

A happy new year came to the residents of The Ford Little Hadham who for many years have experienced frequent flooding blocking the highway between the Village Hall to just past Ridgeway.  

The road is drained by a 131m ditch from near Ridgeway to the River Ash and goes through the gardens of 15 riparian owners.  

Connect Scaffolding from Hadham Park came to the rescue and voluntarily sent down their mini digger and their operator Dave, who is a professional groundworker, who has been maintaining ditches in Herts for decades, and cleared debris and silt from over 90m of the ditch, free of charge, to help the community reduce the flooding.  

14 riparian owners have benefited from their help, and a final decision is awaited from one riparian owner on the remaining section.  This forms part of a larger community project to look at the viability of installing a holding pond on the farmers field to help reduce the volume and speed of the water run off before it reaches the highway. Many thanks go to Connect Scaffolding and their team.