Your Council

Cllr Carolyn Westlake


As the newest addition to the Parish Council I have been asked to introduce myself so here goes!

I am new to Little Hadham (I moved in last November) but was brought up in High Cross and brought my children up in Little Hormead. I have also lived in Standon and Much Hadham so I am familiar with the area. I have 5 granddaughters, the youngest being a month old and I love being a granny!

I have my own small business supporting elderly and disabled people at home or in the community. I have 4 people who work for me and we base ourselves mainly in Ware and Hertford.

I was excited to see so much going on in the village when I moved in! A pub that serves great food, a farmers market (yes, I am a bit of a foodie) and loads of groups and clubs based at the village hall although I did spend time driving up and down looking for a shop called Hadham Stores!

I'm looking forward to meeting people and doing my bit to make the village even better. So, see you soon!