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Cllr Mary Wilkinson

I was born in Hertfordshire and have lived in the County all my life.  My parents had a small holding and grew tomatoes, flowers and reared chickens for eggs and the table.

I married at 18 years  of age to Patrick and we had three boys .  They all went to local Schools.  Two of them live locally but our middle son lives in Winchester, which is a shame as contact is not as easy as it's a long drive along the M25.

I trained as a Social worker after completing an Open University Degree and a Diploma in Speech Acquisition. The work was very challenging but  interesting , combined with bringing up three lads life was busy..  We had lots of fun as a family and they all love the Countryside, and England.  Pat worked as a Builder following in his Fathers trade but developed a keen interest in building homes that did not burn fossil fuels and were very well insulated, namely Passive Homes.  Our two sons and Pat formed a company, Touchwood Homes, which embodies our respect for the environment and producing lovely homes, our website says more for those who may wish to learn more.

On retiring I wanted to give some time to our local community and became a Parish Councillor, which has brought me into contact with my local people, and it has been a journey learning the workings of the PCC.  I began learning Bridge a couple of years ago and admit to being somewhat beguiled by the game, it keeps the brain cells active and I have met some lovely people who are only too happy to extend my knowledge.  There i, of course, still lots I need to learn.

Thanks for your time reading this brief synopsis.