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Little Hadham Parish Council

Little Hadham Parish Council was created in 1896.  The parish is to the west of the market town of Bishop’s Stortford and is made up of a number of hamlets − The Ashe, The Ford, Bury Green, Westland Green, Hadham Hall, Cradle End, Green Street and Church End.

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Date of next Parish Council meeting
Tuesday 4th April  2023 at 7:30 p.m. In the Village Hall.

HCC Plans for the old A120 after the bypass opens

Acremoor Street South Cottages St Cecilia Church Nag's Head Pub

Little Hadham A120 bypass

Final newsletter

Latest review of bypass works including flooding risks in the parish

See here

Parish News

The Parish News is published by the Little Hadham PCC and is supported by the Parish Council.

As well as information about St Celilia’s Church, the Parish News has reports from the Council, reports on parish activities and articles by parish residents. March issue

Village Hall

The Village Hall is run by a charitable trust. Find out more.

Road closures

Hertfordshire County Council has given notice of several road closures in Little Hadham and surrounding areas.

Closure Ash, Ford and Chapel Lane

Numerous closures inc A120

Closure New Road

Closure Bromley Lane

More information on closures for crossing

Closures for creating pedestrian crossings

Little Hadham to Much Hadham road closure N0.2

Little Hadham to Much Hadham road closure

Various local closures

The Ford closure

Albury Road temporary traffic lights

Green Street closure

Church End closure

Chapel Lane closure

Bury Green closure

Closure The Ford & Chapel Lane

The Ford closure

Wellpond Green closure

Metcalf Hill, B1004 closure

Numerous E.Herts closures

Standon Road speed limit changes

Walks in Little Hadham

The Council has produced a leaflet describing some walks around the parish.

You can see the leaflet here.

Wore walks in Hertfordshire

Parish Council Plans to revive the Ridgeway playground

 The Parish Council has reviewed all of the feedback collated from the survey and the visioning session.

Two proposals have been prepared and Ridgeway residents will be contacted directly to determine the final proposal for the Parish Council to consider.

If any parishioners have comments or wish to express a preference please contact the Parish Clerk - clerklittlehadham@gmail.com

Warning to off-road bikers in Little Hadham

 Police in East Herts are issuing a warning to off-road bikers following numerous reports of dangerous and anti-social riding in Little Hadham.

See details

Parish Defibrillator

The Little Hadham Defibrillator is located in a yellow box outside the front entrance of the Village Hall.

Access is gained by ringing Ambulance on 999 who will give you the access code and send an ambulance.  Once you push the on button on the defibrillator it gives you verbal easy to follow step by step instructions on what to do.

You can make a 999 call even if your phone network has no signal.

Road problems being considered by the Parish Council with Herts Highways

The Parish Council is discussing a number of road problems with Herts Highways.

See details here

Option A

Option B

See a better view

You will need photo ID when ever you vote from the Local Elections from Thursday May 4th

See what you can use here

Parish Council’s concerns about a dangerous pavement.

The Parish Council is very concerned about the dangerous pavement on the eastern side of the road towards The Ford next to the traffic lights.

See here.